Gourmet Kingdom (Ba Shu Chuan Cai)

Ranked the Best Chinese Restaurant of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill Area by News and Observe in Three consecutive Years (2012 - 2014)
Gourmet Kingdom is the WINNER of 2014 BEST Chinese Restaurant - INDY ( Independent Weekly)
WINNER of 2013 BEST Chinese Restaurant - INDY ( Independent Weekly)
WINNER of 2012 BEST Chinese Restaurant - INDY ( Independent Weekly)

50 best Chinese restaurants in the United States -- 6 March, 2012

Best of the Triangle 2011:

Mouthful - Greg Cox gives Gourmet Kingdom 4 stars | newsobserver ...
"A gem of Szechwan cooking right in Carrboro". Mar 19, 2010 ... Gourmet Kingdom got 4 stars from Greg Cox. HERE is the review.

Gourmet Kingdom brings you the culinary art and flavors of traditional Szechuan/Sichuan cuisine. With over 150 authentic dishes created for you by Chinese chefs directly from Sichuan Province, Gourmet Kingdom offers a unique eating experience and will forever transform your idea of Chinese cuisine.

Hailed as the most popular of the eight Chinese culinary traditions, Szechuan/Sichuan cuisine boasts a variety of unique cooking methods and rich flavors unlike other varieties of Chinese cooking. Featuring meat, poultry, fish and vegetarian dishes, Gourmet Kingdom will enliven your taste buds with its spicy, sweet, sour, salty, and in some cases tongue-numbing specialties.

Typical Szechuan/Sichuan dishes include the well-known Kong Pao Chicken, Twice-cooked pork, Fish-Flavored Pork Strips, Tea Smoked Duck, Dan Dan Noodles, and one of the most popular dishes, Ma Po Tofu. All of these mouth-watering dishes are waiting for you at Gourmet Kingdom!

Restaurant Hours


      11:00am ~ 3:00pm,
  Lunch is closed Tuesday


      4:30pm ~ 9:30pm
      4:30pm ~ 10:30pm
      4:30pm ~ 9:30pm

Gourmet Kingdom

301 E Main ST.
Carrboro NC 27510
Tel: 919-932-7222

Note: Price may be changed, please check with restaurant.
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